“A track needs to have warmth, punch, dynamic and most of all, balance”

What will mastering add to my recording?
Balance, Dynamics, Space and Clarity.​

Mastering is essential for any track that is looking to not get lost in the crowd. When your track is played, it will sound full, loud and match the level and dynamic range of any other commercial grade track.

Take your production to the next level sonically using our vintage outboard as well at the very finest industry standard mastering software.

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Bespoke Custom Songstarter Kits/Samples

Looking for a little more exclusivity?

One of the most frequent requests we get at Samplestar is do you make custom sample packs? We are now delighted to offer this unique production service to our valued customers.

Expect the very same core production quality as our main retail packs with the added bonus that these sounds are 100% exclusive to you! Produce your next big track safe in the knowledge that only YOU and nobody else has access to these custom bespoke sounds.

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Stem Mixing

Specialists in creative stem mastering techniques. Expert staff, monitoring and equipment set the benchmark for stem mastering.

We provide, what we like to think of as, a creative stem mixing service. By this we mean that, if necessary, we do much more than simply balancing the levels and EQ’ing each individual stem.

We are not averse to replacing sounds if we believe we can find a more appropriate one. A kick drum is a prime example of this. In short, we’ll do whatever it takes to maximise the potential of your mix.

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Looking for more production services?

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