Press Reviews

Here at Samplestar we’re not big fans of shouting from the roof-tops about how good we are etc etc… Instead we would rather let our products speak for themselves. Ahem… Here are some recent reviews & endorsements from some of the top recording industry publications.

We are firm believers in quality over quantity, hence you will only find 100% new useable material throughout all our libraries all guaranteed to inspire the end user. All our packs are created and developed by producers for producers.

“The quality is top-class… It has totally nailed the vibe and sound… It’s one of the best dance packs we’ve heard… 10/10”

“Feast on a wealth of material, all at 127bpm. Basslines come with plenty of ‘I wanna hear it on a big rig’… Frankly I’m sold. Impressive stuff.”

“Clean, sharp, and sparkling… pure electronic heaven, simple and frighteningly catchy. You’ll come back to it again and again.”

“The recording, processing and balancing is masterfully taken care of. There is a wealth of great material that is well worth having.”

“The overall vibe is authentic and the loops offer scope for creative chopping… 9/10”

“The heart and soul of this collection – as with all Samplestar offerings – is the melodic content, where programming genius combines with top-class synthesis to deliver a glut of hooks so dizzying you don’t know which of the A-list offerings to build your track around”