Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions about our products.We would ask that before sending us an e-mail, please make sure that the answer to your question is not already answered somewhere on this page.

What exactly am I purchasing?

When you purchase a Samplestar product, you are not obtaining ownership of the sounds, you are in fact only purchasing a license to use the sounds within your own musical compositions. You can sell your songs for profit at no extra cost and keep 100% of your royalties. However you cannot use the sounds in isolation (i.e. when not used within musical compositions). For instance you cannot use the sounds to make another sample pack.

Can I use your loops in commercial projects and releases?

All Samplestar loops, kits & samples are 100% royalty free, after you have purchased one of our sound libraries you have a personal license to use the loops & samples in your productions and songs, whether for TV, Film, Advertising, Record releases, Albums or Demo’s.You may release such compositions commercially without payment of any further fees or royalties for such usage.

Sometimes, an artist, producer or musician will use our sounds in their track, and then commercially release the track, which includes uploading to YouTube and claiming the copyright on that track. While they own the copyright on the composition itself, when you use Samplestar sounds in your track, you are licensing the sound from us, you do not buy ownership. That means that you cannot claim ownership of our sounds or loops on YouTube, even if it used within a track that you do own.

Often, it is a digital distributor who registers the rights holder of a track when the track is being released, and not the original artist, musician or producer and therefore, they are not aware of the problem or terms violation, so this problem can be complicated.

YouTube allows users to remove a part of the Content ID reference file. Rights holders must upload the original sound or loop from our pack to remove it from the Content ID database. This way, YouTube will use a part of their music that doesn’t use our sound or loop as the reference, so they will still be able to claim copyright if anyone else uploads that song.

Alternatively, those who have had their music flagged by YouTube’s Content ID matching system can dispute the claim. Unfortunately, given the large size of our back catalogue, and the thousands of tracks that have been made using our sounds, we cannot assist you in any Content ID issues.

Will your loops & samples work with my Software & Hardware?

All our loops and samples are provided in pristine industry standard 24bit .wav files. Wav is most commonly used audio format compatible with 99% of all software and hardware aswell as both PC & Mac.